Little Dumpling Aprons Company began with a single dream: To bring families closer together. What better place for children to experience that than in the kitchen? Learning the essentials of cooking and baking is important for kids, but it can also be loads of fun. This family-based company knows firsthand that it’s alright to end your day with a little flour in your hair.


All of our handmade aprons travel from our home in Indiana to yours. Each design is the perfect mix of “function meets fun.” With our variety of colors and designs, you’re sure to find one that complements your child's style and personality.


Our hope is that each apron will become a childhood treasure. Not because of the colorful fabric or even the cookie dough stains yet to come, but because of the love in the room when it happened. So grab a new recipe, don your aprons, and go "whip up" some memories.


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Welcome to Our Story

Meet Our Family

We are Ben and Kara Ballinger, the husband & wife team behind Little Dumpling Aprons Company. We both love working with our hands and even crafting items at home versus buying them. What are the odds, right? Running our apron company is a dream come true because we have a wonderful, creative outlet and the flexibility to spend precious time with our two young children.

Our oldest rarely misses the chance to help with dinner prep or baking goodies. The moment he puts on his Tic Tac Toe apron, he transforms into a small chef, treating every task with great care. Our kitchen has become a hub for so many fond memories, and it is what we wish for you. We thank you for visiting our shop and hope our aprons will inspire your children to pick up a whisk and have some fun.

Litle Dumpling Apron Co.

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